Do you not see the irony in what you are writing?

Drumming up fear and hatred, using it to manipulate people through skewed narratives, neglecting core issues, and so on, is exactly what you are doing. Trump uses immigrants to stoke fear, while you use Trump to stroke fear. Fear and hatred all lead to the same place, regardless of their object.

You aren't alone. We see this more broadly in Democrats' zeal for censorship, narrative control, abandonment of civil rights, mass surveillance, pushing disinformation, and other fascist tendencies. They do it "because...Trump."

We also see Democrats' embrace of fake excuses for the rise of Trump, treating him as the cause of the disease, rather than as a symptom. In a Democrat's head, all this happened because of deep-rooted racism and sexism...but somehow, it was never the Democratic party's fault. And then they are shocked that shaming voters this way ("deplorables") doesn't win elections. They ignore the Democratic party's century long embrace of militarism, decades long abandonment of the the working class, embrace of globalization, cozying up to Wall St, failure to deliver on their promises of de-industrialization, tone deaf incompetent technocratic governance, and more.

Thus we have two parties marching the US straight into the jaws of fascism. And partisan mass media is shepherding their flocks along the path...

Expat American father, husband, scientist, professor, philosopher, and artist. Non-partisan gadfly speaking truth to power.

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