Liz Cheney, like her father, is a servant of the military-industrial complex, and willing to lie and defraud the American people to push interventionist policy and forever war. Just last year, Liz Cheney was the key Republican who spearheaded bipartisan efforts to prevent withdrawal from Afghanistan, while shamelessly peddling CIA-planted fake news stories (e.g., the "Russia bounties" paid to the Taliban). In a rational, sane, and just world, Liz Cheney would be driven out of government by the wrath of the people for committing such a fraud, and the public conversation would revolve around whether she deserves prison time for such a heinous act.

What does it say about the state of affairs in the USA that she is instead being discussed as some kind of "beacon of truth" who is being driven out of the GOP for her refusal to embrace the "stolen election" narrative that most other Republicans are going along with? What does it say about the GOP that such a leading war-mongering liar would emerge in the public perception as the most honest member of her party? What does it say about Democrats that they would overlook her criminal record in order to hold her up as a tragic example of the state of the Republican party, just to score political points? And what does it say about the US mass media, who effectively white-washes and deflects attention from her crimes with these dramas and distractions?

Still, there are many questions that remain to be asked, such as: If Liz Cheney is willing to lie to Americans to sell forever war, why isn't she also willing to also lie about a stolen election? If you can understand this question, then you will also understand why she is being driven out of the GOP. They know she is a major liar, but now they know that she is not willing to sustain small lies on behalf of the party narrative.

Expat American father, husband, scientist, professor, philosopher, and artist. Non-partisan gadfly speaking truth to power.

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